About Krishna Natural Farms

Our is 116 Acre Mango farm is located near marpally mandal about 80Kms from Hyderabad. Our farm consists of about 7000 banginpally mango trees. Age of our mangoe trees varies from 18years to 25years

For the last 8years, we have been practicing natural farming techniques. For this purpose, we have 50 desi cows on the farm to help us create jivamrta, Gana jivamtra, and other kashayas.

Our mangoes are export quality and every year we export about 100 tons of our mangoes to Europe & USA through repeated exporters.

This Year (2109) Our desire is to give the same experience of tasting natural farm fresh mangoes to our local mango loving consumers.

What Our Customers Says ?

I am very satisfied eating 100% carbide-free mangoes. quite genuine and awesome service. delivery time was quite good.

I had ordered a dozen mangoes. The order was delivered within 3 days in a large box with proper packaging; layers of grass separate the mangoes. As promised, the mangoes are of large size. The mangoes will take two to three days to ripen and the grass covering helps to keep them warm and encourage ripening. Great experience overall.

I am very pleased with the mangoes I have bought from Krishna Natural Farms. This is mostly due to the fact that they are surely NOT ripened with carbide which tends to cause me serious stomach problems within a few hours of consumption.
I was skeptical about finding naturally ripened mangoes but now I will always return to Krishna Natural Farms in the future.