Our Farm Practices

We practice 100% cow based natural farming we use cow dung and cow urine to prepare various farm manures and natural pesticides. we have about 50 happy cows and bulls on the farm to help us grow mangoes naturally without the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides.


We prepare jivamrta and Ghara jivamrta using our farmyard manure to improve soil fertility. We also create an environment for microorganisms to grow and multiply on the farm. these microorganisms actually help to improve soil fertility and make available all necessary nutrients for the free.


Healthy and tasty mangoes can come only from Healthy trees. The focus on the farm is to improve the health of trees by regularly spraying natural herbs and cow urine. This improves the immunity of mango trees and thus can become immune to pest attack

          We do not use the kind of chemical pesticides on the trees as it is not only harmful to the tree but also to those who eat it’s fruits.


We take special care to pluck each mango one at a time using Dapole (netted rod) mango harvester. This is to prevent mango from getting damaged.


It is very important to harvest only mature mangoes for natural ripening if a mango is harvested before maturity it will not naturally ripen. Any fruit is naturally bestowed with a nice aroma, flavor and taste only a mature fruit can decides these qualities.

     We give sufficient time for each mango to mature. We realise that each mango has a different maturity time, So we harvest 4 to 5 times for each tree in a season. We select only those mangoes which have attained 10x Brix level. Brix level indicates the sugar content of mango 10 X Brix indicates full maturity.

Most vendors in a hurry to sell their produce in the market and reduce their overhead cost pluck all mangoes in one go. mangoes which have not reached maturity cannot ripen naturally. So they have to use artificial ripening methods like carbide, ethynyl liquid etc., This erodes the aroma taste and flavor of real mango.


Brix level indicates the sugar content of mango. We use the refractor meter to check the Brix level of mango.  A Brix level of 10 indicates full maturity.
Most other vendors in the market harvest mangoes at 5 Brix level.