Our Quality Control


We take all precautions to get best Quality Mangoes So that consumers are satisfied we harvest only matured fruits of 10 Brix and a higher level one by one with dapoli mango harvester then they are carefully bought to pack house and processed according to the U.S & Europe Standards



All mangoes are washed in lime water, which is a standard for Europe Export so that any fungal or viral infections are suppressed.
Others do not do such kind of practice to sell in the Indian market


All mangoes are washed in hot water for 10min at 50oC so that itself life increases and all bacterial infections are suppressed.
Other do not so such kind of practice to sell in the Indian Market.


We use Ethylene gas only for 12 hours at our own ripening chamber and afterward leave to mangoes to ripen itself naturally at room temperature.

         Most of the other mango vendor use calcium carbonate which is poisonous and even cancerous to people health. 2% of mangoes are ripened in common ripening chamber using Ethylene gas for 48hrs


We do all our process of lime water wash, hot water wash, ripening, grading, packing at our own pack house using high standards. Most other vendors don’t have such Infrastructure only exporters have such facility.


We grade all mangoes physically one by one. All ummature, damaged, Wounded, dropped mangoes are separated. Other’s do not follow such kind of procedures.


We pack mangoes in 5 pile cardboard Box, of which strong enough for transportation this box is very attractive with multicolor printing with lamination. This is suitable to gift mangoes to your friends & relatives


We market our mangoes ourselves directly there is no mediator involved in between. We market directly to Consumer’s, to Exporters, to Super Markets etc.


Our price is very low because in natural farming practices our cost of production was low, No Mediators, No Shop retail, No processing cost, No ripening cost etc., No fertilizer cost, No pesticide cost.